Stinna Skrivergaard
Stinna Skrivergaard

Jens Mikkel Madsen – Bas og kor
Andreas Skamby – Trommer
Mathias Jæger – Keys
Asger Jakobsen – Guitar og kor
Christian Tronhjem – laptop

Nordic indie folk


årstal –

Time & Tide wait for No Man (Ep 2015)
We Come From the Stars (Debut Album 2017)

Udtalelse fra presse:
Gaffa ****
“I hvert fald er hun metaforisk oppe på den store klinge med sin storytelling, og fascinerende nok fungerer hendes tekster virkelig godt sammen med den i øvrigt meget enkle musik. Især åbningsnummeret, Breaking, og titelnummeret, “We Come from the Stars”, rammer denne lytter dybt” (januar 18)

Fresh Faves
“The track itself was apparently written with the Himalayas as the backdrop, while on a trip to Northern India, and is a wonderfully mellow mix of Maria Malmø’s gentle, almost effortless vocals, and the intoxicating chamber folk of the band, with the laid back percussion providing the heartbeat of the song.” (October 30th, 2017)

Get In Her Ears
“Flowing with sweeping, delicate melodies alongside Maria’s sultry vocals, it oozes a unique, emotion-strewn splendour and spine-tingling, twinkling romanticism. With shades of the likes of Agnes Obel, it’s a truly moving offering that shines with its own effervescent majesty. (October 16th, 2017)

GF Rock ****
“We Come From the Stars emmer af kvalitet, og det gælder fra produktionen over instrumenteringen, til sangskrivningen og til Maria Malmøs overbevisende vokal. Det er altså bare helt grundlæggende godt, det her. ” (Jonas Bech, October 13th, 2017)

Nordic Music Review
“With such an appealing voice, Maria Malmø is clearly going to be compared with some of the other wonderful Nordic female vocalists out there, but we have no need to head down that route. Instead we will wait patiently for ‘We Come From the Stars”, which is due to be released by Songcrafter Music on September 1st 2017. I’m pretty sure that her music and voice will speak for itself.” (March 9th, 2017)

Bands of Tomorrow
“Danske MALMØ bryder ud af mørket på den fortryllende single Dawn” (22. juni 2017)

Good because Danish
” You” is a perfect music relaxer and has a lot of calm. Which is sometimes so needed after a crazy day or long week. The song itself is like that special person in your life, that special (music) friend/lover/family member, who will give a hug in a tough time, hold your hand in sickness, catch you when you fall.” (Good because Danish, Feb. 10th 2017)