Federal Unicorn

Federal Unicorn

Robert Jancevic – vocal, guitar
Kristian Nielsen – drums, backvocal
Zach Belial – bass, backvocal

Tidligere medlemmer:
Kuba Sypniewski – bass, backvocal

Alternative Rock



”Come Again” 2014 (LP)
”Substances” 2016 (EP)
”Puddin” 2017 (Single)
”Scarlet” 2017 (Single)
”Sugar Savage” 2018 (EP)

Udtalelse fra presse:
”To sum up this night at Headquarters: It was clear from the first stroke on the guitar that Federal Unicorn are not fooling around. With Kristian keeping the drums and backing vox tight as a general behind his troops, guiding his soldiers to war, and Kuba on the bass as the link between the drums behind him, and lead singer Robert as the vanguard, the guys from Federal Unicorn are playing like a professional army, however, still open for surprises.” – Sound of Aarhus

Bandets særpræg:
Extravagant and persistent – with an attitude of a sophisticated punk, this band reaches out to their audiences with messages of individualism, self-liberation and love immersed in substance induced sounds and a personality torn between discipline and lavishness.