agata & me

agata & me
agata & me

Agata Foti – vocals & misc
Emir Pasic – vocals & guitar & keys
Adnan Oprasic – guitar
Michael Andersen – drums

Tidligere medlemmer:
Lotte Maxild
Henrik Lynbech
Olga Goija
Thomas Holst

Dream folk



Overnite (EP) – 2008
There are songs about you (LP) – 2012
Stories (3 x 7″) – 2018

Udtalelse fra presse:

Udtalelse fra presse:
“She, Agata Foti, is Italian. He, Emir Pasic, is Bosnian. And the sea of Aarhus, Denmark, the city where they met. A signal that goes to die, the desire to hold on to silence and transform it into songs of shimmering grace. A debut album that’s already perfectly focused.” – 8/10 on La Repubblica XL Magazine

“Delicate and enchanting” – SoundClouder of The Day on

“A recording where you fear the intrusive clanging clatter of a pin drop. (…) Proof that sometimes real musical magic is simply a matter of putting a mic in front of something. Beautiful.” – Review of the track “Everchanging” Future Music Magazine – UK

“Brilliant “dream-folk” for fans of The XX and The innocence mission” – Sound of Aarhus

“Like sonic ghosts from the other room.” – SentireAscoltare Music Magazine, Italy

“Sweet but at the same time fearfully intense and subtly upsetting.” – Il Mucchio Selvaggio, Italy

“Music so atmospherically dense you feel weighed down & warm by its beauty and subtle grandeur.” – DeBarras, Ireland

“Summer in Denmark is not quite the one we know…” – Album of the month for July, Rolling Stone Italy